Re-roofing Pitfalls: What Can Go Wrong?

Re-roofing, which entails removing and replacing an old roof, is complex and expensive. Re-roofing can have many advantages, such as enhancing the look and value of your house or place of business, but several typical mistakes can be made. Action Roofing is dedicated to offering our customers re-roofing Sydney services that reduce these dangers. Here are a few specific re-roofing failures and our steps to avoid them.

faulty installation

Poor installation is one of the most frequent causes of re-roofing failure. This may happen if you hire unqualified or inexperienced contractors, use inadequate quality supplies, or expedite the installation procedure. Action Roofing works with experts and uses the best materials to guarantee that your re-roofing job is performed correctly and to the highest standards.

water harm

Water damage is another typical re-roofing failure. When brand-new roofing materials are not placed correctly, water might seep through the roof and harm the supporting structure. Action Roofing uses specialist products and methods to shield your new roof from water damage and ensure it will survive very long.

structural problems

Re-roofing may also reveal structural problems that were previously undetected, such as rot or decay in the roof deck or support beams. Before replacing the roof can start, these problems must be resolved. So before beginning the re-roofing process, Action Roofing thoroughly inspects your roof to find any structural issues that need to be fixed. Then, together, we’ll devise a strategy to deal with these problems and ensure your re-roofing job is successful.

Insufficient Ventilation

A common problem with re-roofing is insufficient ventilation. Proper ventilation is crucial for your roof to remain in good condition and avoid moisture buildup, which can result in mold growth and other problems. Action Roofing uses specific methods to ensure your project is adequately ventilated since we recognize the value of appropriate ventilation.